Videopoem Iron and Wine

I had nowhere else to go…iron and wine…melting in the hot june night…rythym and beat into pulsing one bringing my consciousness back to a sense of unity…in the night alone writing words…dread of the agora cut by the melody of iron and wine…the music creating a sense of nostalgia for a pastoral past…whitman’s children…flowers in the hair…beyond the industrial grasp of societies claw…

The Sadies @ Union Hall On Videopoem

“cross your fingers and hope to die,” the sadies state in the first five minutes which opened the show at the Union Hall in Brooklyn’s Park Slope. Their throwing down the gauntlet which is what The Sadies do. They come to play taking no prisoners inviting the audience to come along for the ride. Although extremely friendly and personable one shouldn’t be fooled about the extreme intensity that lurks underneath their smiling exterior. Because, after all, The Sadies are serious business. They’re going to take you on a journey that extends from hopped up folk classics to vintage psychedelic garage rock and everything else in between.

“All my nightmares have come true, my days are torn apart, should have changed my point of view before it went dark,” Travis sings from the song So Much Blood off their new release Internal Sounds, echoing the lonely hipsters travel. This emotion is one of the enduring secrets of The Sadies success: they live the life and their here to share it with you and relate to your situation. They understand what it is like to be the underdog. As they sing in Another Year, they know what it’s like to be stuck in a small town and watch the years rush on by as they sing, “growing old is always hardest on the outcast,” Formed back in 1994, the boys have been on the road for almost twenty years now, having produced seventeen albums over the years.

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The Sadies @ Union Hall On Videopoem

Videopoem The Secret of My Endurance

In this new Videopoem we feature Charles Bukowski doing a live reading of his poetry. As a great fan of his, Bukowski has been a big influence on my work. His ability to convey the real experience of life with a naturalistic verse always struck me as very powerful. Bukowski was keen to take poetry out of the academy and return to the real world of the streets.
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