Warren Zanes @ Outpost In the Burbs

Warren Zanes is a masterful storyteller.  In a delightful concert in this wonderful performance space Outpost In the Burbs located in Montclair, New Jersey, Zanes thrilled the audience with his unique blend of melody and pop. Solo on the acoustic guitar, Zanes music is melodic with poignant lyric twists. In a career stretching back to the 80’s in Boston, Zanes aura fills the atmosphere with a warm sense of being.

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John Doe’s thoughts on the 2016 election

In his performance at Outpost In the Burbs John Doe mused on the 2016 election. Speaking before playing New World, Doe compared this election to Italian politics. Citing the absurd nature of this election season, Doe called it all a joke. And the song New World aptly portrays this point of view. Informing the audience that the song is told from the point of view of a wino who can’t go to drink at six in the morning because there was a presidential election, it underscores the futile nature of American democracy.

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Frightened Rabbit @ Rough Trade…

Took the L out to hipster land after a night drinking…I went to see Frightened Rabbit at Rough Trade…managed to catch their sound check…and then two sets…the band is cool, especially if you have been drinking which also happens to be one of the bands big themes. That and pain.  Their melody invokes introspection. And survival at any cost.

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Videopoem Digital Narratives…Memory and Landscape

A Videopoem constructed from iPhone footage, files stored on Dropbox, iCloud, utilzing Adobe Mobile Apps, so constructing montages made on Adobe Premiere Clip, uploaded to Creative Cloud, and then finished on Adobe Premeire and returning to images shot several years ago…with an underlying theme of the self’s relationship to landscape and memory…

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